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Dr. Ali’s Pre-East Course Videos

Majid Ali, M.D. List of Videos Dr. Ali’s Pre-East Course      Part 1 – Introduction https://vimeo.com/142842048 Dr. Ali’s Pre-East Course      Part 2 – With Reverence to the east and the West https://vimeo.com/142841877 Dr. Ali’s Pre-East Course      Part 3 – Of Darwin and Freud https://vimeo.com/142841627 Dr. Ali’s Pre-East Course      Part 4 – Rumi, Russel,

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Dr. Ali’s Pre-East Course Part 11 – Science and Philosophy of Rift Valley Healing

  Majid Ali, M.D. Africa: the Mother of Medicine The following text is taken from my article entitled The Eastern Track of Medicine: From  East  Africa to  South India—and Beyond” published in 2009 in Townsend Letter-The examiner of Alternative Medicine. 2009 (Feb/March issue). European and African historians agree that the knowledge of healing traditions traveled north from the Nubian and

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Dr. Ali’s Pre-East Course Part 1 – The West, the East, and the Pre-East

Majid Ali, M.D. We Know Much About the Philosophy and Healing of the West and the East. Might There Have Been the Philosophy and Healing of the Pre-East?  Pre-East of My Imagination Pre-control-craze Pre-gender suppression Pre-spiritual splits Pre-colonial Pre-merchants-of-faith Pre-corporate-deception Pre-ideological-distortion  Raw Humans, Unaware of Complexity Living human, Seeing human, Hearing human. Raw human. Walking human, Kneeling human, Crawling human.

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