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Voices From the Pre-East Part 9 – Medical Technology of the West, Remedies of the East, and Healing of the Pre-East

Majid Ali, M.D. An Article of Voices From the Pre-East Course One Physician’s Journeys Through the West, the East, and Then the  Pre-East My Brief CV Once A Surgeon, Always A Surgeon-Pathologist Once A Pathologist, Always A Pathologist A Time for An Ecologist-Nutritionist A Life of Healing

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Dr. Ali’s Pre-East Course Part 1 – The West, the East, and the Pre-East

Majid Ali, M.D. We Know Much About the Philosophy and Healing of the West and the East. Might There Have Been the Philosophy and Healing of the Pre-East?  Pre-East of My Imagination Pre-control-craze Pre-gender suppression Pre-spiritual splits Pre-colonial Pre-merchants-of-faith Pre-corporate-deception Pre-ideological-distortion  Raw Humans, Unaware of Complexity Living human, Seeing human, Hearing human. Raw human. Walking human, Kneeling human, Crawling human.

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