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Sugar Is Inflaming – Basic Science Facts

Majid Ali, M.D. Sugar is inflaming. At one basic level, here is the explanation: * Sugary foods rapidly raises blood sugar. * Sugar spikes triggers an insulin spike. * Insulin rapidly drive down the blood sugar level rapidly, creating hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) state. * Hypoglycemia creates hunger. * Hunger creates a desire for sugary food. * Sugary foods rapidly

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Is Sugar Addictive?

Majid Ali, M.D. No, sugar is notĀ  addictive. Of course, this is not my opinion. The scourge of the world is insulin toxicity, which is caused by sugar. It is that simple. Diabetes follows insulin toxicity usually after ten or more years. There are some so-called scientific authorities who claim thatĀ sugar is not addictive. Where do you think anyone can

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