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Dr. Ali’s Deep Healing Course – Seminar Two: Fears, Stress, and Anxiety

Majid Ali, M.D. Pain is an altered energy state. Fears are an altered energy state. Anxiety is an altered energy state. We humans are energy beings. All our pain, suffering, and diseases are rooted in energy deficits. Deep problems of pain, suffering, and diseases are perpetuated by deeply depleted energy deficits, which require restoration with deep healing energy work. In this free

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Deep Healing for Anxiety Associated With Depression

Majid Ali, M.D. 1. The First Path: Deep Healing With Healing Conversations 2. The Second Path: Deep Healing With Gratitude, Not Happiness 3. The Thirds Path: Deep Healing With Healing Foods and Hydration 4. The Fourth Path: Deep Healing With Control of Metabolic Roller Coasters 5. The Fifth Path: Deep Healing With Bowel, Blood and liver Detox With Herbs and Spices

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