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 Majid Ali, M.D. The LOXPRINS TM  Way Is the Way of  Healing With Love, Oxygen, Prayer, and Insulin. My guidelines for the LOXPRINS  WayTM  are  for learning and practicing a way of life of love, oxygen, prayer, and insulin for facing the problems of life and treating specific diseases. For detailed information about this program, please consider my series of video seminars

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Three Dimensions of Praying

Majid Ali, M.D. I recognize three dimensions of praying: (1) acceptance of one’s humanness; (2) entitlement of hope when human doors close; and (3) deepening of blessing when praying is lived.    Spirituality of Prayer Praying begins with the acceptance of one’s humanness and limits imposed by being human. It  would be illogical to pray otherwise. This acceptance, in and

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