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Why Are Lies Complicated and Truth Simple? The Loxprins Way

Majid Ali, M.D. In medical practice, complexity of lies is profitable for professionals, simplicity of truth is not.  Lies Sell Well, the Truth Does Not Truth is simple. It is also expensive? Why? Because lies sell well, truth does not. There is much talk of universal single-payer health insurance. I support single payer when the payer is the individual and

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Dr. Ali’s Deep Healing Course – The Loxprins Way

  Presented With Seven Free Video Seminars Majid Ali, M.D. We humans are energy beings. All our pain, suffering, and diseases are rooted in energy deficits. Deep problems of pain, suffering, and diseases are perpetuated by deeply depleted energy deficits, which require restoration with deep healing energy work. In this free course comprising seven video seminars, I address patterns of deep

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