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Breathing Without Imagination

Majid Ali, M.D. Health Is Simply Not Possible Without Breathing One’s Own Breath 7–SEGMENT VIDEO SERIES ON FEA Fear and Anger Series Part 1 – Introduction https://vimeo.com/140596313 Fear and Anger Part 2 – Beyond Definitions https://vimeo.com/140596715 Fear and Anger Series Part 3 – In Elements, Not in Self https://vimeo.com/140597383 Fear and Anger Series Part 4 – Beyond Right or Wrong

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Beware Living: A Life Lived by Expectations of Others

Majid Ali, M.D. BeWare Living is a life of anger. Anger is a child of the thinking mind—the cortical monkey, in my language of self-healing (autoregulation). This monkey cannot be banished with mere words. Indeed, he thrives on clever schemes and convoluted theories. The mind forever recycles past misery and, when this is not enough, precycles feared future misery. Healing

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Be-Aware Living

Majid Ali, M.D. An Article of Be-Aware Living, BeWare Living Series “Be-Aware-Living” is my term for a life lived in a way of one’s own choosing, by one’s own script. I coined the term“Beware-Living” for a life lived with one’s own inner voices, not by those of others. Be-Aware-Living is breathing one’s own air, among one’s own elements, by one’s own

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