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Heart Rate Variability Improved With Limbic Breathing

Majid Ali, M.D. Calming An Overdriven Heart With Limbic Breathing Emotional and lifestyle stressors can dramatically alter autonomic homeostasis. Reduction of stress by various self-regulatory methods— autoregulation, in my terminology — can be expected to affect autonomic parameters. Furthermore, such changes can be expected to be more pronounced in subjects with oxidative dysautonomia. Any or all autonomic parameters — including

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My Heart Is Worth Saving

Majid Ali, M.D. Saving Energy With Slow Limbic Breathing – Worth 40,320 Heartbeats Daily In this article, I present a case history to illustrate my main point. People who have never felt the effects of slow Limbic Breathing may have some difficulty with this narrative. A 40-year-old man consulted me with a two-year history of an overactive thyroid, joint pain

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A Sleeping Baby Teaches Healing With Breathing

Majid Ali, M.D. A Healthy Baby Sleeps With Limbic Breathing. A Baby With Pneumonia Sleep With Cortical Breathing. A sleeping baby breathes “limbically” through the abdomen — the lungs expand passively as the abdomen rolls out. By contrast, a baby with pneumonia “chest-breathes” — the chest wall heaves up with each breath while the abdominal wall retracts. Most adults develop

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