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Science and Philosophy of Holism in Healing – Knowing Scientific Facts As Well As Human Limits

Majid Ali, M.D. Imperatives of Scientific Facts and Human Limits Being In the Head is Bad for the Head. How Do I Saty out of the Head? Question: If being in the head is bad for my head, how do I saty out of it? Answer: By being in the elements. Question: What are my elements? Answer: Whatever in your

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Three Healing Sciences

Majid Ali, M.D. There Are Three “Healing Sciences” and Thousands of “Disease-Drug Sciences.” The three healing sciences are: (1) Healing Science of Grandmothers; (2) Healing Science of Oxygen; and (3) Healing Science of Insulin. The primary reason for pervasive and hurtful confusion about science of health and healing, in my view, is the failure of professionals to recognize the difference between three “healing sciences” and thousands

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