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Preventing and Controlling Infections

Read more at: Majid Ali, M.D. Prevention and Controlling Infections   Types of Infections Acute .   Viral, Bacterial, yeast, parasitic  Subacute .  Viral, Bacterial, yeast, parasitic Chronic .  Viral, Bacterial, yeast, parasitic   The Gut-Diabetes Connection  The Gut-Diabetes Connections Throat Esophagus Stomach Small intestine Large intestine Digestion starts within the mouth by the action of the enzymes in

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Healing the D4 Way

  The Divine DiVinci-Dalton-Darwin Way Majid Ali, M.D. The Higher Dimension of Healing Thoughts, Healing Words, and Healing Actions The Brain Is A Potent Insulin Organ Insulin receptors occupy several brain organs in a very high concentrations.  Where Does Hate Come From? To Hate Someone, One Must First Hate Oneself. Ridding Oneself of One’s Anger Ridding Oneself of One’s Inflammations

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