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Seven Faces of Prayer

Majid Ali, M.D.   Praying has revealed seven faces of prayer to me: First, prayer is recognizing one’s humanity and limits. Acceptance is healing. Second, prayer is knowing one’s  entitlement of hope regardless of how limited one feels or is. Third, prayer is changing conversations. Conversations  with oneself are far more punishing than those with others.  Fourth, one can know only

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Prayer for Anxiety and Depression Series

Majid Ali, M.D. Depression Is a Brain Energy Deficit State. Anxiety Is Misdirected Energy State. In Simplest Words Prayer is simple-worded communion with the soul, often, repeatedly (with a rosary, for example). Clever thinking is head-fixation and engages convoluted theories of other people. Special Note In this series of articles, short videos, full-length video seminars, I offer lessons taught to

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The Answers to Paralyzing Fears Is Prayers and Village-Speak

Majid Ali, M.D. When Psychotherapy of the West Is Unsuccessful, Prayer and Village-Speak of the East May Work for Skoon   If the purpose of psychotherapy is to help a suffering individual to have Skoon and heal, then the core concern is not the training, belief system, and experience of the therapist. What matter is degrees of Skoon experienced by the

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