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My Shared African Grandmothers Speak to Me

Majid Ali, M.D. Listen to Everyone and Honor the Words If They Unite. Shun The Words That Divide Politely If  They Divide.  Words of My Shared African Grandmothers I imagine a place called gradmothers’ land in which lived a tribe of grandmothers – a place in Rift Valley. A hundred thousand years ago or earlier my  shared African grandmothers lived true

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Top Seven for Healthful Aging – Remembering African Grandmothers

Majid Ali, M.D. Being One’s Own Healer My Top Seven Suggestions Healing With Curiosity Love and compassion Dr. Ali’s Breakfast (an idea, not a product) Dr. Ali’s Insulin-friendly Eating (Leaving the pathways to diabetes,                           dialysis, and dementia) Limbic Slow Breathing Limbic Exercise (meditative, non-competitive) Nutrient supplementation (vitamins, minerals,

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