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Genes and Aging

Genes and Aging Majid Ali, M.D. I include here some brief comments about genes and aging. In Oxygen and Aging, I asserted that genes positively influence the aging process and longevity only when oxygen metabolism is preserved which, in turn, is profoundly influenced by nutritional, ecologic, and stress-related factors. In his forthcoming book Aging Well, George F. Vaillant of Harvard University provides support

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Pre-Genes and Post-Genes

  Majid Ali, M.D. Nature could not have sprung genes out of nothing. That would not have been an evolutionary path. To underscore my broader perspective, I introduced the term “pre-gene” in my a chapter entitled Complementarity and Contrariety in Genetics” in my book entitled “Nature’s Preoccupation With Complementarity and Contrariety,” the first volume of my 12-volume The Principles and

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