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The Pre-East Way – Top Seven for Panic

Majid Ali, M.D. Everyone Who Suffers A Panic Attack Suffers In a Unique Way What Is A Panic Attack? A panic attack is a severe  form of anxiety which creates sudden fear of a heart attack or stroke for person suffering the atttack. Since anxiety, first and  foremost, is an oxygen problem, it follows that at its root, panic is

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Anger Is Unsorted Thoughts – Dr. Ali’s Healing Course

May Your Present Truth Be Your Present Blessings Majid Ali, M.D. I define anger as unsorted thoughts. My definition of anger is an extension of my definitions of feelings and emotions as experiences accompanying unsorted thoughts. I make these statements for compelling clinical reasons. Simply stated, my anger-as-unsorted-thoughts view invites a person with an episode of anger to sort out

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