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Muslim Moms and Drone Democracy

Majid Ali, M.D. Reflections on Dark Clouds Over Humankind Adapted From My Commentary Published Online by the Journal Nature. Drone Wars, Drone Democracies, and Default Democracies Technology of drone wars has been described well. Ms. Finkbeiner (ref.1) informs that 76 countries now use drones. Drones do not determine what they deliver. I shudder when I try to imagine where default

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Grandmother Earth – Will I Be Well?

Majid Ali, M.D. I Am Mother Earth,  Sick and Unwell, Will I Get better? Will I Be Well? I’m acidic, sour, I’m bitter, dour. I twist, I turn, I simmer, I burn. My meadows are hushed, My toads silenced, My butterflies puerile, My bees sterile. Noses singed, Eyes gated. Livers polluted, Cerebri coagulated. Fumigated, pesticided, chemicalized, I’m not well. Scorched

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