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Dr. Ali’s Mammography Course

  Majid Ali, M.D. More Than Twenty Articles and Videos  Following is the list of articles and videos in My Free Mammography and Free Breast Health and Cancer Courses, and Free Mammography Courses:   List of Course Articles   Top Seven for Breast Health and Cancer Prevention Ali’s Free Breast Health and Cancer Course Ali’s Free Mammography Course Ali’s Oxygen

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Learn to Do Effective Breast Self-Examination, Please!

Majid Ali, M.D. Please Do Regular Breast Self-Examination While the American Cancer Society and Radiologists Do Their Stupid Fighting Mammography Truths and Mistruths Doctors and profiteers who profit from mammography push mammograms brazenly. What is the truth? I offer some guidelines in my FREE Mammography Course. IBER Breast Self-Exam I especially suggest that you read my article on IBER method

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Who Wants More mamoograms? Whoever Profits From It.

Majid Ali, M.D. My Answer to the Question in Title Relates to the U.S., Not All Countries Here is some text from the New York Times of October 29, 2015: “LAST week, the American Cancer Society announced changes to its influential guidelines for breast cancer r screening. The society no longer recommends that women at average risk between the ages

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