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Coronary Heart Disease Is Not a Plumbing Problem

  Majid Ali, M.D. New York  212-873-2444    *    New Jersey . 201-966-0027   Two Enemies of the Heart: Conflict and Anger Conflict cannot be cleared by letting the steam out. Anger sometimes can be cleared by letting the steam out.   Two Paths at the Cross-Road The cross-road for coronary heart diseases offers two pathways: The mechanical plumbing way

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18 Food Guidelines for Health and Healing

Dr. Ali’s 18 Food Guidelines (Childrens Health Corporation Has 501 C Tax-Deductable Status)  Below,  I present in simplest words a brief outline of 18 specific recommendations. I explain the clinical and scientific basis of these guidelines in a large free-access internet library designated “Dr. Ali’s Health and Healing Library” which includes a large number short videos, 40-minute to 90-minute video

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Low Insulin Levels – Good and Bad

li M, Fayemi AO, Ali O, Dasoju S, Chaudhary D, Hameedi S, Amin J, Ali K, and Svoboda B. Shifting focus from glycemic status to insulin homeostasis for stemming global tides of hyperinsulinism and Type 2 diabetes. Townsend Letter – The examiner of Alternative Medicine. 2017;402:91-96. 6. Ali M. Molecular basis of Autism and Dysautonomia. Townsend Letter – The examiner

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Reversing Diabetes – The Higher Dimension

Majid Ali, M.D. Pray, Just Pray. Pray and Breathe Out Slow. Pray and Be Compassionate, To Yourself and to Others. Pray, Speak Softly, and Learn. Pray and Become Insulin-Wise, In Learning, Understanding, and Knowing. Pray and Eat Insulin-Wise. Pray and Be Fit Insulin-Wise. Where Do You Begin? You may begin with my FREE insulin course on this website. Just Enter

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Diabetes Insulin Videos

Majid Ali, M.D. Links to Videos on Prevent and Reverse Diabetes What is Diabetes What Is Insulin? What Are Its Functions? Top Seven for Diabetes     Majid Ali, M.D. Links to Videos on Prevent and Reverse Diabetes What is Diabetes What Is Insulin? What Are Its Functions?     Insulin Toxicity De-mystifies Syndrome X

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Voices From African Grandmothers Re: Worsening Insulin Toxicity

Majid Ali, M.D. Three-Hour Insulin Rising From 5.2 to 42 What Do Rising Insulin Levels Mean? Insulin in excess – insulin toxicity by its proper name, is: Inflaming Fattening Fermenting Liver-toxic Endo-toxic (injures inner lining of blood vessels) Heart-toxic Brain-toxic Endocrine-disruptor Nerve-toxic (causes neuropathy) Eye-toxic Kidney-toxic Memory-robbing “Every-other-organ-toxic” For detailed information on these subjects, please consider my following FREE courses:

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