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A Drop of Blood Tells the Full Story of Heart Attacks

  Majid Ali, M.D. 344 Prospect Avenue, Suite 1-C, Hackensack, New Jersey,  07601 201-966-0027 Caution: Please Follow the Treatment of Your Cardiologist Closely If You Have A-Fib or  Other Cardiac Rhythm Disorders.  Do Not Try to Treat Cardiac Emergencies on Your Own.    The heart attack story begins in a drop of blood years before it shows up in the

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Methotrexate Chemo Or Spices for Reducing Risk of Heart Disease

Majid Ali, M.D. Methotrexate – A Chemotherapy Drug to Reduce Risk of Heart Disease! Taking a toxic chemotherapy drug to reduce the risk of heart disease? You frown with disbelief. My answer: Yes, you read the title of this article right. Methotrexate indeed is a chemotherapy drug. And yes it is being used to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

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What Causes Heart Attacks?

Majid Ali, M.D. Absence of Disease Is Not Presence of Health – Part Two What Causes Heart Attacks? Of course, plaque formation in coronary arteries! What causes plaque formation? Of course, arteriosclerosis! What causes arteriosclerosis? Of course, cholesterol deposits in the blood vessel walls! Why do cholesterol deposits form there? There are risk factors: obesity, smoking, stress, hypertension and diabetes.

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An Overdriven Palpitating Heart Needs Oxygen and Compassion

Majid Ali, M.D. A Heart Beats Frantically for An Oxygen-Deprived Acid-Overloaded Body The Heart Story in Simple Words   Slow breathing is the best first-aid for a heart under stress.  Compassion is the way to a heart at peace. This is my simple message for people with an overdriven heart which palpitate or skip heartbeats and continues to do so despite

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What Is The Total Number of Heart Muscle Cells?

Majid Ali, M.D. There are 2–4 billion heart muscle cells in the walls of the main chamber of the heart which pumps blood to all parts of the body. This chamber is called left ventricle and nearly all deaths occurring quickly after a heart attacks result from injury to muscle cells (cardiomyocyte) of this chamber. As many as 25% (one billion

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HDL “Good” Cholesterol Is Not Good At All

Majid Ali, M.D. An Article of the Cholesterol Deception Series “Now, a new study that makes use of powerful databases of genetic information has found that raising HDL levels may not make any difference to heart disease risk. People who inherit genes that give them naturally higher HDL levels throughout life have no less heart disease than those who inherit

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