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What Is Spirituality?

Majid Ali, M.D. What Is Spirituality? Living Human. What Is Living Human? Breathing human, Owning one’s breath, One breath at a time. Walking human. Kneeling human. Crawling human. Smiling human. Crying human. Celebrating human. List of Videos Dr. Ali’s Pre-East Course      Part 1 – Introduction Dr. Ali’s Pre-East Course      Part 2 – With Reverence to

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Healing With Curiosity Series – Introduction

Majid Ali, M.D. All Forms of Chronic Suffering And Chronic Disease Are Rooted in Fear, Anger, and Absence of Curiosity Curiosity is the mother of imagination. Imagination is the beginning of exploration. Exploration of the fundamental question about the nature of existence is the beginning of healing. The problems of fear and anger cannot be resolved without authentic exploration of

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Deep Healing for Anxiety Associated With Depression

Majid Ali, M.D. 1. The First Path: Deep Healing With Healing Conversations 2. The Second Path: Deep Healing With Gratitude, Not Happiness 3. The Thirds Path: Deep Healing With Healing Foods and Hydration 4. The Fourth Path: Deep Healing With Control of Metabolic Roller Coasters 5. The Fifth Path: Deep Healing With Bowel, Blood and liver Detox With Herbs and Spices

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