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Oil Change For Your Brain

Majid Ali, M.D. Do You Remember Your Last Car Engine Oil Change? Do You Remember the Last Oil Change For the Brain? Preferred Fats for Brain Health Extravirgin Olive Oil Coconut Oil Butter Ghee Yellow Sesame Oil Yellow of Egg Fish oil supplements Omega-3 oils   What Happens to Healthy Oils When They Anter Sizzling Cell membranes?      

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Dr. Ali’s Top Seven for Nighttime Brain Health

Majid Ali, M.D. Guidelines for Improving Sleep and Controlling Fears, Anxiety,Depression, and Related Disorders Three Essentials 1. Begin with healing conversations of Compassion and Self-compassion. 2. Lean slow breathing 3. Start with only one nutrient from the Night Group and one from the Day Group. The others, one by one, guided by your tolerance. 4. Bring this information to your

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