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Shunning Clutter, Sorting Out Statics

Majid Ali, Ali, M.D. Your comments, please! For my take, please look at videos linked below.   Deep Healing Video Course Outline Titles of Seven Course Seminars Seminar 1 Deep Healing Dimensions and the Journey – Introduction Seminar 2 Deep Healing Fear, Panic, and Anxiety – Control and Prevention Seminar 3 My Breath Is My Own –

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High-Grade Bladder Cancer to Fermentation to Deep Healing to Pathways of the Soul

Majid Ali, M.D. Earlier to day I saw an intelligent, kind, and worried young man. He had urinary bladder surgery for cancer. I looked at his pathology report and found that his cancer was of high-grade type. cancer and was scheduled to have additional treatment. I offer parts of my conversations with him in the hope that our conversations might help

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