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The Human Story – Conflict,Competition, and Compassion

Majid Ali, M.D. Without conflict, humans would have been microbes. Without competition, humans would have been moths. Without compassion, humans would have been monkeys. Maybe not.   Monkey have an evolved sense of compassion. What did World Wars I and II teach us? The Fourth World War will be fought with sticks and stones. This is an Einstein forecast.  

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Dr. Ali’s Spiritual Healing Course

Majid Ali, M.D. One can have on one spiritual teacher – the teachers in one’s mirror. One can have only one healer – the healer in one’s reflection. This course covers my library of articles on the subjects of stress, anxiety, anger, rage, compassion, self-compassion, meditation, and spiritual enlightenment under the categories listed below. With a brief survey of articles included in these categories, readers

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Personal Spiritual Realism – Dr. Ali’s Spiritual Healing Course

Majid Ali, M.D. Spirituality Transcends Psychology *  What is personal spirituality Realism? * What is spirituality? * What is it to be a spiritual person? * What is spiritual conversing? * Why might be a spiritual society? To attempt to answer these questions, I recognize the following: * Spirituality does not concern itself with the past, psychology is rooted in the past.

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Anxiety, Love, Biology, and Psychology – Dr. Ali’s Anxiety Course

  Majid Ali, M.D. Nothing Causes More Unhappiness Than Search for Happiness  A young woman takes a look at her first newborn and experiences intense bonding. Is that a matter of biology or an issue of psychology? Does this bonding arise from months of shared biology or created by some elements of psychology? For an answer, we need to consider what

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What Is Spirituality?

                       What Is Spirituality? Majid Ali, M.D. The longer I work with my patients, the more aware I become of the fundamentality of the spiritual in health and disease. Here is just one observation concerning the phenomena I refer to: An open heart does not close its arteries, and a closed heart cannot keep its arteries open. I anticipate snickering

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Before He Died, I Told Him I Loved Him. Do You Think He Heard Me?

                                                         Majid Ali, M.D.                                                                    A True Story Marie, a thin woman with an intense face, walked into my consultation room and eyed me suspiciously. I stood up to greet her and invited her to sit on a chair. She thanked me nervously and sat at the edge of a chair. She was distraught and obviously depressed. I decided to

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