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Say No to Mind Fermentation

Majid Ali, M.D. Stop Mind Fermentation With Celebration and Acceptance I recognize two root causes of all chronic diseases: 1. Mind Fermentation 2. Gut Fermentation What Is Mind Fermentation? I coined the term mind fermentation for the work of the Cortical Monkey who thrives to recycle past misery, and when that is not enough, it thrives on precycling feared, future

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Basics of Fermentation

Majid Ali, M.D. CELLULAR FERMENTATION – THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN HEALTH AND DISEASE Two Forms of Fermentation: Fermentation in the Body and Fermentation in the Brain TWO PRIMARY CAUSES OF CHRONIC DISEASES Fermentation in the body and the brain. Fermenting Microbes in BLOOD and Tissues Healthy Red Blood Cells When Blood Glucose Level Is Healthy (Upper Frame) Unhealthy Red Blood Cells

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