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For Fears-Anxiety-Depression Complex, Learning to Let Life Leap In and Linger

Majid Ali, M.D. Fears, Anxiety, and Depression add Up to A Heart-rending Complex Psyche Drugs Are Essential for Crisis, Prayer and Village-Speak Are So For Life.   A Special Danger There is a special danger for individuals in the throes of the fears-anxiety-depression continuum: backing away from life. This is where prayer and village-speak help in search of a life

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The Answers to Paralyzing Fears Is Prayers and Village-Speak

Majid Ali, M.D. When Psychotherapy of the West Is Unsuccessful, Prayer and Village-Speak of the East May Work for Skoon   If the purpose of psychotherapy is to help a suffering individual to have Skoon and heal, then the core concern is not the training, belief system, and experience of the therapist. What matter is degrees of Skoon experienced by the

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Fear Among African Grandmothers of the Pre-EastThings

Majid Ali, M.D. What Fears and for How Long Did African Grandmothers of the Pre-East Suffer? Where Do Fears Come From? People People who look different from us. People who wear clothes different than us. People who act different from us. People who lare of different faiths People who we think are going to act different than us. Men who own women,

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