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Anxiety – A Path of Freedom

Majid Ali, M.D. Where Does One Find Freedom From Anxiety? What Is Anxiety? Not knowing Where the Suffering Comes From. A Path to Freedom From Anxiety Pray, Just Pray, Breathe, Just Breathe Out Slow,  Walk and Pray, Walk and Breathe Out slow, Walk and Just Be. *** Walk With God of Your Senses, Walk With God of Respect of Suffering,

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Two Effective No-Cost Solutions For Anxiety

  Majid Ali, M.D. You Have to Control Anxiety Somehow. You Might Start With the Two Videos Linked Below   Links to two Short Videos Anxiety Control Breathe Slow And Converse Kindly Anxiety, Love, Biology, And Psychology   Don’t Forget Slow Breathing With Peroxide Foot Soaks, Please! 8% Hydrogen Peroxide For Foot Soaks  

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