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Bowel Healing For Eradicating Drug Resistant Urinary Infections

Seed, Feed, Weed Approach to Antibiotic0resistent Urinary Infections

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Absence of Health

Majid Ali, M.D. On Mount Washburn, Among Mountain Goats   In 1982, on two consecutive July weekends, I lectured at two postgraduate immunology and allergy courses held in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Rather than return home for the intervening days, I escaped to Yellowstone National Park. One day I went for a hike on a trail leading to the peak of

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Chronic Gut Problems Require the Gardener Way

  Majid Ali, M.D. Whether Called GERD, Gastritis, Small Bowel Dysbiosis, Crohn’s Colitis, Or Colitis By Another Name, Proctitis, Or Inflamed Hemorrhoids, Healing Requires the Gardener’s Seed, Feed, and Weed Way.  What Is the Gardener’s Seed, Feed, and Weed Way? Below I offer a collection of videos and artcles in which I explain the gardener’s Seed, Feed, and Weed way. Majid

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Computers Will Heal With Love and Compassion. Or You Can …

Majid Ali, M.D. You Can Wait for Healer-Computers For Decades or Try Healing Recipes To day. Academic Medicine’s Traditional Approach Is No Longer Viable.  Who could have imagined that The New York Times would ever print the words quoted above, which it did on January 24, 2016 (page 36).We owe the Times a debt of gratitude for this bold admission.

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Fear Among African Grandmothers of the Pre-EastThings

Majid Ali, M.D. What Fears and for How Long Did African Grandmothers of the Pre-East Suffer? Where Do Fears Come From? People People who look different from us. People who wear clothes different than us. People who act different from us. People who lare of different faiths People who we think are going to act different than us. Men who own women,

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Oxygen-Insulin Model of All Chronic Diseases

7-Segment Video Series on FEAR, Anger, and Absence of Curiosity Majid Ali, M.D. Building Architectures of Knowledge on Simple Truths of Biology I expect that many eyes will roll at the title of this article. I anticipate many knowing smiles from other readers who are familiar with my   oxygen models of various diseases. They might chuckle and say we knew

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