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PSA Prostate Cancer Test – What Does It Mean for You?

Majid Ali, M.D. PSA Test Is A Very Useful Test But It Alone Must Not Be Used to Choose the Best Treatment Option.         Prostate Cancer Treatment Options  Videos, DVDs, and Article  PSA Test for Prostate Cancer Ali Academy on Vimeo ‎ A Free Course on Undertanding Prostate Treatments | The Ali ……/benign-prostatic-hyperplasia-physiological/ 3.  Prostate Cancer, PSA, and Constipation. from Majid Ali pro.

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Majid Ali, M.D. Each individual with prostate cancer requires an individualized treatment plan. Please consult surgeons, radiotherapists but also doctors who have experience in treating prostate cancer without surgery and radiotherapy. PSA blood test is valuable but its level alone must not be the basis of choosing treatment options.  Good News: I Know Doctors Who Order PSA Test to Try

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Prostate Cancer Treatment Option – RADIOTHERAPY OR NOT

Majid Ali, M.D. This article is a part of Prostate Cancer Treatment Options Series. Please Other Articles of the Series.   Informed decision requires consultation with a radiotherapist but also with doctors with experience with other options. Good News: I Know Doctors Who Order PSA Test to Try to Push You Away From Radiotherapy for the Prostate Gland The doctors

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Majid Ali, M.D. Do you know if your PSA blood test was done to take you to Prostate surgery or away from it? Good News: I Know Doctors Who Order PSA Test to Try to Take You Away From Prostate Surgery The doctors in this group are ethical and do not operate for financial gains. They study deeply and learn

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The Pre-East Healing In a Pre-Everything Time

Majid Ali, M.D. I Recognize Two Commonalities in All Peoples of the World: First, They All Experience Times of Helplessness. Second, They All Need Some Higher Power to Surrender to When They Are Helpless. My Ancestors Were Pre-History African Grandmothers. Why? Why African Grandmothers of pre-history? Why not American grandmothers of pre-history? Or Chinese grandmothers of pre-history? Or Norwegian grandmothers

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Who Is Dr. Ali?

  Who Is Majid Ali, M.D.? Professor Majid Ali, the founder of Ali Academia, is a humanist, physician, scientist, poet, story-teller, and the solo author of The Principles and Practice of Integrative Medicine (in 14 Volumes) and 36 other books. The following is an outline of his journey in search of what it means to be a human, and the meanings

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