Three Roots of Senior Moments – And Not So Senior Moments


Majid Ali, M.D.

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Three Roots of Senior Moments

  1. Week Oxygen Signals

  2. Overactive Insulin Signals

  3. Overfermenting Gut



I anticipate a sarcastic response from some neurologist about the title of this article. How can you propose just one model for memory loss, dementia, and Alzheimer’s disease? they will ask. The chagrin of those who take to time to understand what I present here as the molecular-energetic commonalities among clinical complexes of these neurodegenerative disorders, will turn into knowing smiles. Simply stated, these clinical entities represent varying degrees and stages of what I designate impeded progenitor stem cell progression which is essential not only for all aspects of developmental neurobiology but also in form of repair and regenerative response of challenged and/or injured brain cells.    


The Mito-Myco-Minso Trio

I coined the term mito-myco-minso trio for the three primary threats to the the normal progression of progenitor stem cells without which the development of the normal structure and function of neurons (brain cell) is simply not possible. This impeded or blocks altogether the physiological progession of progenitor stem cells to strucuturally and functionally mature brain cells.


Top Seven for Mito (for Mitochondrial Health)

  1. Compassion for others and self-compassion
  2. Breathe Out Slowly
  3. Speak calmly with respect for the listener
  4. Overhydrate for at least one to two hours a day, preferably in the morning.
  5. Avoid sugar spikes that trigger insulin spikes
  6. Love your health fat and proteins, focusing on what you can eat rather than what you cannot.
  7. Spend some time in the presence of your larger presence


Breathing Out Slowly

  1. Breathe out slowly for spiritual equilibrium
  2. Breathe out slowly for grace and gratitude
  3. Breathe out slowly for more oxygen
  4. Breathe out slowly for health of lungs
  5. Breathe out slowly for health of your liver
  6. Breathe out slowly for health of you gut
  7. Breathe out slowly for health of your brain.

Top Seven for Gut Overfermentation

The Seed-Feed-Weed Path

  1. Probiotics
  2. Optimal hydration
  3. Foods that Do Not Trigger sugar spikes
  4. Bowel detox to prevent gut overfermentation
  5. Avoid constipation at all costs
  6. Castor oil rubs over the stomach and left colon
  7. Slow breathing for more oxygen


Top Seven for Maladapted Insulin Signaling



Consider Dr. Ali’s Insulin Diet

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