Bowel Healing For Eradicating Drug Resistant Urinary Infections

Majid Ali, M.D.

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Links to Dr. Ali’s Bowel Immune Health Video                    Series at the End of the Article

The title of this article might bring frowns from urologists and gastroenterologists but will bring knowing smiles from experienced holistic integrationists. Below I first present my “Seed, Feed, and Weed Guidelines” for controlling and eventually eradicating chronic antibiotic-resistant urinary infections and then follow that with texts from the following three previous publications, as well as links to other articles in

Dr. Ali’s Free-Access

Seed, Feed, and Weed Bowel Immune Health Library”:

  1. Altered States of Bowel Ecology (Monograph, 1980);
  2. The science and philosophy of holism in health and healing (Article, 2015)
  3. Communication e-published in the journal Nature for professionals with deep interest in advanced biology.
  4. Links to diverse related publications on the subject, including those concerning insulin homeostasis and GERD-gastritis complex.

Dr. Ali’s Seed, Feed, and Weed Guidelines for Bowel Immune Health

(to be supervised and monitored by one’s primary physician.)

  1. Daily Effortless and Odorless Bowel Elimination (daily, really)
  2. Daily Psyllium Husk (two to three tablespoons at bedtime)
  3. Daily probiotics (acidophilus-related, as well as Florostar brand type) in the morning, three to five capsules of each)
  4. Nystatin (an anti-yeast prescription drug) which does not get absorbed from the gut, hence works very well where we need it most). My preferred dose schedule is: One tablet three times daily for the first three weeks, then one tab twice a day on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. (Readers will need prescriptions for Nystatin from their doctors).
  5. Daily Magnesium, Potassium, and Taurine Supplements (Only if Blood Creatinine Test Results Is Normal)
  6. Overhydration During Morning Hours (Warm water with Lemon Juice, Green Tea
  7. Bowel herbs With Anti-Yeast Effects
  8. Bowel Herbs With Anti-constipation Effects
  9. Multivitamin and Multiminerals
  10. Assessment and Restoration/Enhancement of insulin homeostasis
  11. Assessment andRestoration/Enhancement of the Stomach-Esophagus Region (Treatment of GERD-gastritis symptoms)


A Special Note:The last two items (insulin toxicity — hyperinsulinism, by its common name– and GERD-Gastritis complex — heartburn by its common name) are not listed there because of their lesser  importance but because items 1-9 are likely to produce faster results for encouraging the patient and increasing their compliance with the treatment plan initially. In reality insulin homeostasis and stomach health are crucial for long-term success.


Dr. Ali’s Seed-Feed-Weed Video Series

Videos in my Seed-Feed-Weed series  (essential for eradicating antibiotic-resistant bladder and prostate infections) appear later in this article.



Par Quing Plus Protocol

  1. Par Quing                     150 mg
  2. Pau D’ Arco                  150 mg
  3. Beet root fiber             200 mg
  4. Guar gum                     100 mg


Echinacea Plus Protocol

  1. Echinacea                     200 mg
  2. Goldenseal root fiber 150 mg
  3. Astragalus root            150 mg
  4. Burdock root                150 mg


Contipation Relief Guidelines

  1. Cascara based
  2. Senna Based
  3. Colace


Altered States of Bowel Ecology

In 1980, Altered States of Bowel Ecology was published to introduce ecologic thinking in clinical medicine with focus on gut microbiome. Subjects covered in this monograph included:

A. basic ecologic concepts as applied to human gut;

B. Essential relatedness of systemic ecosystems to ecosystems of the alimentary tract;

C. Changing patterns of gut microbiome; and

D. the central roles of oxygen signaling in preserving the health of the intestinal tissues as well as of the gut microbiome. Specifically, these subjects were addressed by raising the following questions:

  1. Might ecologic thinking demystify some ancient notions of health and healing? (Death begins in the colon, for instance.)
  2. Might integrated studies of ecologic disruptions in various segments of the gut ecosystem provide new insights into neurodevelopmental pathways? (As roots are to roses, so the bowel to the brain.) These simple words proved very valuable for patient education in highlighting the core importance of gut ecology and gut microbiome in nourishing and nurturing the brain in antenatal and postnatal neurodevelopment).
  3. Might simple words, such as of seed-feed-and weed bring clarity to the core concept of restoring gut ecology and gut microbiome with the use of probiotics, optimal food items for microbial support , and antifingal herbs and drugs?
  4. Might such broad ecologic concepts advance understanding of myriad roles played by the bowel flora in inflammatory and immune responses of the alimentary tract?
  5. Might ecologic thinking clarify some gut-related phenomena, such as how some species of the gut genome preserve the health of some systemic organs while other species act as pathogens in those organs?
  6. Might ecologic perspectives developed for one segment of human lifespan cast light over those concerning other segments? Might a deeper understanding of the pathogenesis of autism deepen understanding of the pathogenesis of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, and vice versa? (an important subject addressed later in this article?
  7. Might ecologic concepts provide new scientific rationale and/or basis for integrating indigenous therapies with the prevailing pharmacologic options?


Dr. Ali’s Seed,Feed,Weed Video Library



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