Dr. Ali’s Insulin Diet for Brain Health

Majid Ali, M.D.

344 Prospect Avenue, Suite 1 C

Hackensack, New Jersey 07601


A Crucial Clarity: Does Brain Health Require Depend on Crucial Anti-inflammatory Pathways?

Answer: Absolutely Yes. Is

The crucial challenge for individuals seeking authentic nutritional information for preserving brain health and prevention of inflammatory brain diseases, such as dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and vascular brain atrophy  is: to earn the clarity of authentic knowledge that these and other neurodegenerative disorders are at their core “oxygen-insulin-inflammatory problems.”about degeneratory brain damage preservation and disease preservation.
* We must know that insulin toxicity (hyperinsulinism) is bad for brain health.
* We must know that insulin toxicity (hyperinsulinism) is proinflammatory and so causes inflammation in the brain.
We must know
*We must know that healthy, unrancid cholesterols protect the brain. They do not cause brain damage.

*We must know diabetes is not a sugar problem.

 Diabetes is an insulin problem.
Who might be responsible for bad, harmful information concerning these subjects?  Of course, you expect that self-annointed individuals will give different answers to this questions. Should you really accept nutrition advice from someone who only prescribes drugs for treating the sick?
Here is what I recommend to my patients: Let your body be the judge. It will not betray you.Focus much more on assessing who you are reading or listening and less on what is being spoken or written. If you use your commonsense and continue to search for authentic health information, eventually you will succeed.


 Three Clarities and Certainties for Health and Healthful Aging

A mother always has some clarities about her children. A good teacher always has some clarities about her/his students. Such clarities may also be considered certainties that are rooted in one’s authentic observations and reflections.
Here are my suggestions for top three clarities for one’s health:

1.    Oxygen

2.    Gut

3.    Insulin


Oxygen, Gut, and Insulin

Human life span is put in jeopardy by disruptions of molecular biology of oxygen and insulin homeostasis; life expectancy of an individual is shortened by diminished signaling of the former as well as by excessive signaling of the latter. Oxygen is the organizing principle of human biology and orchestrates all aging processes. In service of oxygen, insulin governs the energy economy of the body. Injured cells need more energy for repairing themselves. Glucose is the primary readily useable fuel for ATP energy generation. Insulin activates glucose transporters, drives glucose into the cells, initiates pathways of ATP energy generation, as well as energy utilization for life functions, and regulates energy transformations, producing proteins for cellular structural needs and fats for energy storage.  It can be rightfully designated as the “master energy hormone” for the life span.

Oxygen-Insulin Signaling Matrix  Model

Oxygen signaling and insulin signaling are so inextricably intertwined throughout the kaleidoscopic bioenergetics mosaic of human biology that, in the author’s view, they cannot be considered as discrete entities.  He recognized this first as an integrative clinician (finding sharp therapeutic focus on oxygen and insulin equally necessary for reversing and/or controlling chronic diseases) and as a researcher in basic bioenergetics of human biology.
Clinically, his work ranged from the wide spectrum of insulin dysregulation – hyperinsulinism, metabolic syndromes, obesity, fatty liver and steatosis, gestational diabetes, Type 2 diabetes spectrum (T2D), and diabetic complications – to the treatment of developmental, immune-inflammatory, atopic, Infectious,  degenerative, and  neoplastic diseases. In pathobiology of chronic disease, his interest included the fields of general histopathology,22,23  pathophysiology of aging,24,25 gut immunopathology,26-28  bowel ecology,29,30 mitochondrial dysfunction1-3 molecular biology of oxygen,4-8 insulin homeostasis,9-15 cancer,31,32 autism,33 dysautonnomia,33 and the science and philosophy of holism in health and healing.34

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