As Roots Are to Roses, So the Bowel to the Brain


Majid Ali, M.D.

As roots are to roses, so the bowel to the Brain.

As roots are to roses, so the bowel to the brain. As roots are to roses, so the bowel to the skin. As roots are to roses, so the bowel to the heart. As roots are to roses, so the bowel to the lungs. As roots are to roses, so the bowel to the liver.

These are the simple lessons which were taught to me by my microscope, my lab analyzers, my patients, and my friends on my autopsy table. The scientific basis of these statements are simple. Most inflammatory, immune, chronic infectious, and degenerative disorders begin in fermenting bowels. Less commonly, these disorders begin in the fermenting minds.

To Heal the Body, One Must Begin With Healing the Bowel

The most remarkable phenomenon in human biology is: A vast number of clinical problems that are seemingly unrelated to the bowel spontaneously resolve when the focus of clinical care shifts from other body organs to bowel ecology. How often do symptoms of persistent debilitating fatigue in young men and women clear up when an altered state of bowel ecology is restored to normal? How often do troublesome mood swings subside when therapies focus on the bowel? How often does arthralgia (pain and stiffness in joints with or without joint swelling) resolve when all the bowel issues are addressed? How often do we successfully prevent chronic headache; anxiety; palpitations; incapacitating PMS; recurrent attacks of vaginitis; asthma and skin lesions by correcting the abnormalities in the internal environment of the bowel? The answers to these questions will vary widely among physicians.

Doctors who ignore the bowel (and those who never understood the issues of bowel ecology in the first place) will dismiss the questions I raise with scorn. None of this has been proven with double-blind cross-over studies, they will protest. Other physicians who have learned to respect the bowel — as the ancients did — and care for their patients with a sharp focus on bowel issues will readily and unequivocally validate my personal clinical experience.

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