Castor Oil Therapies

Majid Ali, M.D.

Castor Oil,

The Miracle Substance, If There Is Any


How Does Castor Oil Work?

1.As An Antiinflammatory
2. As a Pro-healing Oil 
3. As a Cellular Detergent 

4. As a Cell Membrane Stabilizer

5.  As a Cell Energizer

6. As a Pain Killer



Why I Do Not Prescribe Oral Castor Oil.

Because there are better therapies for constipation and bowel health.


Healing With Topical Castor Oil

1.               For the Skin
2.               For the Face
3.               For the Stomach (GERD-Gastritis Complex)
4.               For the Liver (Hepatitis, Liver Tumors)
5.               For the Colon
6.               For the Abdomen Anywhere
7.               For the Pelvis
8.               For Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
9.               For Uterine and Ovarian Masses
10.             For the Muscle
11.             For the Bone
12.             For the Tendons
13.             For the Joints (Arthritis of All Types)

Cancer Pain Control Seminar
In this 35-minute video seminar, Professor Majid Ali discusses seven core aspects of cancer pain: (1) control of cancer pain is self-compassion for the patient; (2) control of cancer pain is physician’s compassion for the patient; (3) a cancer cell is a fermenting, oxygen-shunning cell; (4) every pain is some cells’ cries for oxygen; (5) stress and dehydration worsen cancer pain, as they do all other types of cancer; (6) natural oxystatic and anti-inflammatory remedies must be considered as the primary approach to the problem; and (7) the use of pain killers should not be opposed if natural therapies do not give effective pain control.

Call 1-800-633-6226

Dr. Ali’s Castor Oil Library

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Majid Ali, M.D. * Great Benefits of Castor Oil Rubs * ALI ACADEMY *

This is a three part seminar on Castor Oil and Hydrogen Peroxide – A guide to simple remedies to chronic disorders.

Peroxide Soaks for Inflammatory, Autoimmune, Degenerative, and Malignant Conditions. Castor oil rubs for inflammation…OVER 2 hours of great information!

Dr. Ali discusses oils and hydrogen peroxide VIDEOS
3 video bundle only $19.95
Castor Oil Rub Therapies Castor Oil Topical Therapies Hydrogen Peroxide Oxygen TherapiesOrder separately at $9.95 each
Castor Oil Healing RemediesCastor Oil Topical Remedies
Hydrogen Peroxide Oxygen Therapies



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