Cancer Control Meals Plan * Simplified Immune-Boosting Diet .

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Dr. Ali’s  Simplified Immune-Boosting Diet

for Cancer  Control Prevention and Control

1.  Healthy Fats and Proteins (eggs, butter, olive, and coconut oil preferred)
2.  Unrestricted Vegetables and Vegetable juice
3.  Fruit, None or very restricted.
4.  Fruits juice, Best avoided completely
5.  Bread and cereals, minimal quantities with ample healthy
6.   Proteins, unprocessed. Fish, free range poultry, cheeses.
7.  Red meat best avoided or in minimal amounts
8.  Complex carbohydrates, Quinoa, Amaranth,
9.  Vegetables: Brussel sprouts, Brocolli, Burdock root, Bok Choy, Squashes, radishes,                     restricted carrots, read beats,
10.  Supplemental oils: flaxseed, coconut
11.  Nut butters: almond, cashew, sesame, eben peanut
12.  Fresh Frozen vegetables – Browned and lightly blackened, then oil oil added
13.  Immune-protective recipes (Tuna-Tiki,
14.  Insulin-wise home-made ice cream desserts  



Insulin-Wise, Oxygen-Smart Recipes

Dr. Ali’s Recipes for Insulin-Oxygen-Wise Eating


I offer my preferred recipes for saving insulin and making insulin work better. At the end of this article, I give a list of  my preferred insulin-saving recipes.

I list the ingredients of the above recipes and others my insulin-reducing recipes and describe the preparation of the recipes in separate articles as well as in videos on my YouTube encyclopedia of Science, Health, and Healing. The links are given at th end of this article. Below is some crucial inforamtion for my readers.

Insulin-Wise and Insulin-Un-Wise Food Combos

I also provide information about insulin-wise food combinations and those combos which are not insulin-wise. In my articles and videos on my YouTube Science, Health, and Healing Encyclopedia. Following are some questions which I raise and answer questions to illustrate my core points:

* What is better, bread alone or bread with butter?

* What is better, toast alone or toast with eggs?

* What is better, blueberries alone or blueberries with cottage cheese?

Why Do I Focus on Insulin-Saving Recipes and Insulin-Wise Food Combinations?

I prescribe “insulin-saving foods” (IS Foods) for all my patients with excess weight and obesity. My reason is simple: excess insulin is fattening I also prescribe IS Foods for inflammatory and immune disorders. My reason is simple: excess insulin is inflaming. Needless to say, I emphasize eating IS Foods for my patients with pre-diabetes and diabetes. My reason is self-evident. What people call pre-diabetes is insulin toxicity and insulin-saving foods is essential for lowering blood insulin levels and clearing pre-diabetes.

In the first three to 15 years, people with Type 2 diabetes are nearly always insulin-toxic and have insulin resistance—their insulin is not working in simple language. The only way they can de-diabetize themselves—lose their diabetes—is to make their insulin work and conserve it. My plan for reversing diabetes is heavily focused on IS foods. Below is some text to my earlier writings which gives a sense of the pressing insulin issues which we face.

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Global Scourge of Insulin Toxicity

On February 17, 2010, the Journal of American Medical Association reported that the prevalence of obesity, asthma, and learning disorders more than doubled in twelve years – from 12.8% in 1994 to 26.6% in 2006. The relationship between insulin excess and insulin toxicity should be evident to readers from the preceding pages. On a deeper reflection, they will also recognize the fundamental connectivity of insulin toxicity and asthma and learning disorders. Excess insulin is inflaming and greasing, and no cell populations in the body can function well when inflamed and greased.

There is a global scourge of grease buildup on cell membranes – in all people, of all ages, in all regions of the body. In its wake, it brings along diabetes. I explain this further in my articles entitled “The Grease and Detergent Model of Diabetes” on this website. Cell membrane jams insulin receptor protein embedded in it such that the crank of hormone insulin cannot turn the crank-shaft of this protein – insulin resistance in the prevailing terminology. Excess insulin released by pancreas to overcome this resistance (hyperinsulinism) is fattening and inflaming. It is important to counter this insulin toxicity by lowering blood insulin levels by making right (insulin-reducing) dietary choices

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9. Thirteen States Predicted To Have Obesity Rates of Over 60 % by 2030
10. Ali M. Oxygen, Darwin’s Drones, and Diabetes. Volume 1—Dr. Ali’s Plan for Reversing Diabetes. 2011. New York, Canary 21 Press.
11. Ali M. The Butterfly and Life Span Nutrition. Denville, New Jersey, Life Span Books 1992.
12. Ali M. The Principles and Practice of Integrative Medicine Volume V: Integrative Nutritional Medicine: Nutrition Seen Through the Prism of Oxygen Homeostasis. New York. Canary 21 Press. 1999. 2nd edition 2005.

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