Healing Integrationist


Majid Ali, M.D.

I coined the term healing integrationist for a practitioner who practices the science and philosophy of holism in healing.  


In 1997, I founded Journal of Integrative Medicine. I 2005, some colleagues and I organized Capital University of Integrative Medicine (CUIM) in Washington, D.C. In 2006, I was invited to serve as the first president of Capital University of Integrative Medicine (CUIM) in Washington, D.C.. The university graduated ten classes for the degree of Doctor of Integrative Medicine. I include text from my introduction to CUIM for the general information of the readers.

I am the solo author of The Principles and Practice of Integrative Medicine (in 12 volumes) available at http://www.aliacademy.org.


What Is Integrative Medicine?

“Integrative Medicine places the patient at the center of the health care team.” Majid Ali, MD, Former President

Capital University of Integrative Medicine (CUIM) was founded in 1995 to provide education for medical and health practitioners wishing to incorporate integrative therapies from multiple disciplines of medicine within their practices.  Responding to the demands of both practitioners and patients, CUIM embraced a simple but progressive mission to encourage health care professionals to promote health assessment and advance integrative therapies to improve quality of life, alleviate illness, prevent chronic degenerative diseases, and reduce premature death.


The University founders held that Americans desire and deserve the opportunity to receive the highest quality of health care with the broadest range of safe and effective care options.  In keeping with this belief, CUIM’s mission was to educate and develop health care professionals, including those currently practicing, to serve the public.  The University dedicated itself to bringing insight and offering encouragement to those interested in exploring various forms of health assessment and patient-centered therapeutics.


From 1996 to 2006, CUIM served as a licensed graduate professional university and the only resident institution of higher education in the United States with a curriculum of widley diverse integrative health therapies.  Following a decade of service, CUIM graduated its final class of students, and closed in June, 2006.


From its inception, the University consistently promoted advancement of integrative health and healing through education and research.  The noble aims of Capital University of Integrative Medicine continue through its many graduates and faculty.


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