Three Dimensions of Praying

Majid Ali, M.D.

I recognize three dimensions of praying: (1) acceptance of one’s humanness; (2) entitlement of hope when human doors close; and (3) deepening of blessing when praying is lived. 


Spirituality of Prayer

Praying begins with the acceptance of one’s humanness and limits imposed by being human. It  would be illogical to pray otherwise. This acceptance, in and of itself, is liberating. Conflicts conscripts and constrains. Acceptance is freedom from conflict. Acceptance is also freedom from fear. It is also freedom from anger.


Physiology of Prayer

Life is an injury-healing-injury healing is possible without hope. It follows that one cannot live without hope. Praying is an act of assertion that one is entitled to hope from outside one’s skin when what is contained by the skin allows no hope. Without this entitlement, praying is also illogical.

Conflict, fear, and anger disrupt ever-equilibrating kaleidoscopes of neural energy waves as well as neural connectivities. By these and other pathways, such as those of oxygen signaling and insulin regulation, conflict, fear, and anger speed up the heart, slow down the gut, tighten blood vessels, increase tension in muscles, and weaken immune energetics. Prayer, as far as I know, the single best remedy for all of these disturbances. 



Living One’s Prayer

Living one’s prayer facilitates the physiology of prayer, minute by minute, hour by hour,  and day by day. In this sense, living one’ prayer is transcending.


Who should one pray to?

This question is outside the reach of this writer, a mere physician.


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