Do I Prescribe Immune-Suppressor Drugs?

Majid Ali, M.D.

A Question Asked by a Reader. My Answer: Yes.


Three Reasons for Using Immunosuppressant Drugs

First, the patients is acutely ill with with a severe autoimmune disease,

Second,  the patients is chronically ill and suffering intensely ill.

Third, I have a plan to stop immunosuppressant drugs as my natural therapies begin to work.


Acute Giant-cell Myocarditis

Let us take the example of acute life-threatening giant-cell myocarditis. The mortality rate of this condition unless treated with immunosuppressive therapy and was cardiac transplantation at 1 year is nearly without 100%. The survival with immunosuppressant drugs and cardiac transplantation, the reported survival rate in some studies is up to 58% at five years. So my decision is simple.


Examples of Immunosuppressant Drugs


Integrative Immune-Supportive Plans

My four top priorities are:

                              1. Love

                              2. Oxygen Signaling

                              3. Prayer

                              4. Insulin Signaling


For detailed information about the above-four-prong approach, please consider my DVD series entitled Healing available at 212-873-2444.





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