Adrenal Fatigue

Majid Ali, M.D.

If You Are Chronically Ill, You have Adrenal Fatigue.


All chronically oxygen-depleted and insulin-loaded individuals with time develop adrenal deficit, and chronic adrenal deficit causes chronic fatigue.

Seven Essentials of Adrenal Dysfunction

Firstthe adrenal dysfunction of every individual requires individualized support for the gland. 

Second, the essential “adrenal question” is not what diagnostic label is chosen for someone with a dysfunctional gland—people everywhere are diminished by relentless habitat chemicalization and unrelenting stress, frustration, and anger—but how the adrenal function of that person can be assessed and restored.

Third, the degrees of adrenal dysfunction are best assessed clinically, as well as with the measurement of 24-hour urinary excretion of adrenal and gonadal metabolites.

Fourth, adrenal regeneration requires spiritual equilibrium and full restoration of oxygen homeostasis.

Fifth, all disruptions of the bowel, blood, and liver ecosystems must be effectively addressed for adrenal homeostasis.

Sixth, in my clinical experience, the direct short-term adrenal support is optimally provided with hydrocortisone, beginning with small doses of 2.5 mg twice daily to larger doses of ten to twenty mg daily.

Seventh, the adrenal gland cannot be understood except through its inter-relationships with the hypothalamic-pituitary axis (HPA), gonadal output, insulin metabolism, energy economy of the body, the oxygen-driven bioenergetics, and chronic stress.


* See the February/March 2008 issue of the Townsend Letter for a full description of the Oxygen’s Three-Legged Throne model. The crucial point of this model is that oxygen is neither a substrate in the oxygen-signaling phenomenon nor in the oxygen-driven cellular energetics.

My Preferred Remedy for Adrenal Fatigue

Low-dose Hydrocortisone Support

Starting with 5 mg twice daily and slowly increasing the dose for optimal clinical results.

With this low, gentle dose I have not encountered the adverse effects of synthetic adrenal steroid hormones. This has also been the experience of my colleagues.

For detailed information, please go my article entitled Adrenal Gland on this website and my library of articles and videos listed below.

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