Seven Faces of Prayer

Majid Ali, M.D.


Praying has revealed seven faces of prayer to me:

  1. First, prayer is recognizing one’s humanity and limits. Acceptance is healing.
  2. Second, prayer is knowing one’s  entitlement of hope regardless of how limited one feels or is.
  3. Third, prayer is changing conversations. Conversations  with oneself are far more punishing than those with others.
  4.  Fourth, one can know only as much divinity as exists within. Prayer reveals that dimension of life.
  5. Fifth, depression is low-brain-energy state. Prayer brings surges of energy.
  6. Sixth, prayer brings equilibrium between what is  beneath the skin and what resides outside it.
  7. Seven,  prayer glows in its grace.


For more on the subject of prayer, please consider more on other short articles in my prayer series.



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