What are autoimmune disorders?

Majid Ali, M.D.

Absence of Disease Is Not Presence of Health – Part Six

Autoimmunity Is Betrayal by the Immune System
Autoimmune disorders are disorders in which the immune system of the injured person turns on his own tissues—a bit like an injured dog biting his master’s child in confusion.
How many different types of autoimmune diseases do we see? Many. Is there a body tissue that is exempt from immunologic injury? Hardly. We see immune disorders of the thyroid, adrenal and pancreas glands; of lungs, liver, heart, kidneys and bladder; of skin; and of muscle and nerve tissues. In the thyroid gland we call them hypothyroidism (Hashimoto’s disease and lymphocytic thyroiditis) and hyperthyroidism (Grave’s disease). There are, of course, many other variants with different names. What energetic-molecular events set the stage for these disorders? The answers are the same: We do not know. In the adrenal gland, we have hypoadrenalism (Addison’s disease) and hyperadrenalism. What causes these disorders? We do not know.
Down in the valley, black-eyed susans reclaimed the immediate environment of the trail. External environment! What makes up man’s external environment? Air, water, organic and inorganic matter. So, how do air and water cause diseases? Bugs and pollutants, that is the usual party line. What about organic and inorganic matter? Acid rain leaches mercury and aluminum from the soil and dumps them into our drinking water. Almost one-third of the adult patients I see with chronic immune disorders have an increased body burden of toxic metals that directly poison their energy and detoxification enzymes.
Chipmunks are voracious eaters, and those I saw on the trail were busy foraging. Chipmunks hibernate in winter, using the extra body fat they accumulated during their busy months of summer eating. Nature has its own designs for weight regulation and for nutritional balance. We humans also eat voraciously, but we do not hibernate and lose our unnecessary fat overload as chipmunks do. We add to the body burden of fat by ingesting oxidized, denatured fats that clog our molecular pathways. Hibernating periods for people? Not a bad idea! Losing weight while we slumber peacefully would also be an escape from the unrelenting clutter of the cortical monkey. But humans do not hibernate. Perhaps we can use periodic fasting to achieve the same results.

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