Chronic Disease Is Evolution In Reverse

Majid Ali, M.D.

Here is a simplicity that reduces many complexities of chronic disease.


A diseases is a state of regression— evolution in reverse, so to speak. In 1998, I conceived this simple idea and the possibility that the origin of diseases, at its core, could be understood through an understanding of the origin of life on the planet Earth. I recognized that the origins of both life on the planet and disease share one fundamental commonality: fermentative metabolism. That was a eureka moment for me. In that year, I published a long article in The Journal of Integrative Medicine entitled “Oxidative Regression to Primordial Cellular Ecology (ORPEC)” to link the fermentative mode of primordial life to the degradative metabolic shift in cellular energetics. Simply stated, in a a disease state the high-efficeincy respiratory-ATP generation is degraded to a low-efficiency fermentative ATP production. I introduced the term dysoxygenosis—dysox for short—to refer to this degrative metabolic shift. To explain the basic idea to my patient, I also introduced the term dysfunctional oxygen metabolism for dysoxygenosis.

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