Ten Lessons For Anxiety, Fears, and Depression

Majid Ali, M.D.

My Top Three for Anxiety, Fears, and Depression:

Prayer, Love, and Hope

My patients with fears, anxiety, and depression have given me valuable insights into the nature of their suffering. My work with integrative medicine has given me a perspective on the cultural, philosophic, bioenergetics, prevention, and treatment aspects of these disorders. In this article, I present ten lessons taught to me on the subject by my patients. I offer my suggestions for natural measures that sufferers can consider in companion articles of the series.

Lesson One
My top priorities for fears, anxiety, and depression are prayer, love, and hope. All three exist in domains of the future, not of the past. For hope to be authentic, it must be based on authenticity of prayer and love.

Lesson Two
Words are codes for images. We can create healing images or we can use words that create hurtful images, for us and for others.

Lesson Three
The cortical monkey of head-fixation loves to recycle misery. When that is not enough, it precycles feared, future misery.

Lesson Four  
Psychosomatic and somatopsychic models of disease are artifacts of thinking.

Lesson Five
The body tissues never learned to lie, nor do ever accept lies. An energetic ‘body-over-mind’ approach is superior to the so-called mind-over-body healing.
Lesson Six   
Self-regulation cannot be a purely intellectual pursuit; healing cannot be forced on injured tissues.

Lesson Seven
The primary determinant of disease prognosis, with some exceptions, is the power of the mind of the heart.

Lesson Eight
The issues of the placebo effect, false hope, guilt of failure, and the ‘exceptional patient syndrome’ are not the essential issues for the patient in self-regulation and healing.

Lesson Nine
The syndrome of our time is the “dis-ease syndrome.” This syndrome results from toxicities of foods, environment, and thought.

Lesson Ten
Medical technology has made surgery safe for the patient; the challenge now is to make the patient safe from surgery. Medical chemistry has made drugs potent; the challenge now is to make people safe from drug toxicity.

Prescribed Drugs

In acute suffering, the use of natural remedies described in an companion article is often not sufficient initially and prescription medication become necessary. It is not wise to reject them for ideological reasons. Long-term, the above lessons will help most people to reduce the drug dosage, and in some cases discontinue drugs altogether, but always with approval from the practitioner. 

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