Two Questions That Dog Doctors

Majid Ali, M.D.

Two Questions That Dog Doctors


It must have been 1958 when I was introduced to the two questions that dog doctors all their lives:  

  1. What Is Biologic?
  2. What Is Psychological?


On an early summer day, Talat, my wife, and I spent a day at Wave Hill, conservatory overlooking river Hudson in  New York. It has a mesmerizing collection of cacti and flowering plants, and many tall  majestic trees. other Sun came through thin clouds enough times to dissipate images of the winter. Something happens in times like that in places by large rivers. The senses come alive. One feels the difference but does not know what the difference is. On this day, I wondered the change was psychological or physical. Or could it be simply an energy phenomenon – something ionic permeating me from everything above, around, and beneath me through all my senses. It was not just a mood change or a shift of psychology. My mind drifted to the two questions that dog doctors when they encounter clinical enigmas. Is it in the body? Is it in the mind? That old mind-body-spirit trio that I was never comfortable with. Years earlier, I had started my book, The Cortical Monkey and Healing (1990) with a short paragraph expressing my discomfort with the “trio thing.” How can one understand this trio unless one knows where the body ends and the mind begins and where the mind ends and the spirit begins? And where the spirit ends and the body begins?

I do not remember when I learned that once malaria in southern Europe was believed to be caused by bad air. Where else could fevers like that come from? Europeans of the time must have asked. Anthony Leeuwenhoek had not yet built his microscope and seen any microbes yet.  Bad air was just as good a cause of malaria as anything else. So, what is psychological? What is not psychological.

Depression Is An Energy  Deficit Disorder

Below is text from my piece e-published in the journal Nature on the subjects of holism and brain rejuvenation:


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