Majid Ali, M.D.

We Live In An Age of Fears, Anger, and Anxiety.

Where Do We Go ForRelief and Peace?


Skoon is a Punjabi word that has no true equivalent in English language known to me. I imagine Skoon as a state that can only be experienced, not described in words. In a sense, it seems to me, it is a state of deep tranquility, a state in which one’s inner core is free of need to express anything, understand anything, preach anything about what is experienced. In another way, when you look at the face of an individual with Skoon, you see the glow but there is no yearning to make any statement about it.      

What Is Village-Speak?

I coined the term “village-speak” for conversations and communications which I experienced in my ancestral village Kirto during my boyhood years. It was a language of simplicity and truth, unpretentious and authentic. Since it had no word equivalent to nuance, people did not have suffer nuances. Words were simply used for what they meant, not for any hidden meanings. 

It takes a village to raise a child, so goes an ancient African saying. How did they learn to say so much with so few words? I wondered when I first head these words

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