For Anxiety-Depression Complex, Head Fixation Is Not the Answer

Majid Ali, M.D.

The Legacy of the 20th Century is Head Fixation, Not the Truth of Healing With Prayer.


The Body Suffers With Relentless Demands of the Head.

The great solution for the problems of fear, anger, alienation, isolation, absence of hope offered by the superior thinkers of the 20th century was clever thinking. They preached that humans could simply clever-think their way out of these problems. What is amazing is that their disciples today continue to follow that thinking as they encounter epidemics caused by head-fixation, relentless recycling of past misery and precycling of future misery. They continue to invent an ever-increasing number of what they designate as “mental disorders.”

How Does One Know When One Is Head-Fixated?

When One is aware of the world around.

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