Liver Detox For Health and Healing

Majid Ali, M.D.

The Master Detox Organ of the Body Needs Detox Itself Most in All Healing Detox Plans. 


Liver – The Most Glorious Mirror of Nature’s Sense of Integration

I suggest gentle liver detox plan for everyone, for well individuals who seek guidance for wellness as well as for all my patients with chronic illnesses. Below, briefly I explain why I do so.

Nature is generous. Nature is stingy.  Nature creates ample reserves. Nature is a hard taskmaster. Nature is forgiving. Nature is unforgiving. Those are all aspects of nature’s grand plan of economy. In matters of human health, next to the bowel, the liver is the most glorious mirror of nature’s sense of economy.

Three Pounds That Nourish 100 Trillion Cells

The liver weighs two and one-half to three pounds in weight, yet it is the primary detox and metabolic organ of the body. It not only  nourishes 50-100 trillion cells in the body, it is also responsible for keeping them clean and healthy. Thus, it comes as no surprise that the liver is the most frequently stressed organ of the body. It is one of the many wonders of nature that it has given this organ an enormous functional reserve. When 90% of the liver mass is removed in dog experiments, the dogs stay healthy. In my biopsy work I was more impressed by the regenerating capacity of liver cells than that in any other organ.

The liver is:

  1. The master detox organ;
  2. The master metabolic organ;
  3. The master nutrition organ;
  4. The master protein producer;
  5. The master fat metabolizer;
  6. The master sugar handler;  
  7. The master vitamin producer and processor organ;
  8. The master mineral regulator organ;
  9. The master hormone modulator;
  10. The aging-gene organ; and, next to the bowel,
  11. The master lifespan organ.


My Top Seven Suggestions for Liver Detox for Health and Healing

  1. Restrict fruits and sugar
  2. Increase healthy fats in diet (olive oil, butter, avocado oil
  3. Kefir and yogurt in Dr. Ali’s Breakfast
  4. Lecithin in Dr. Ali’s Breakfast
  5. Castor oil rubs
  6. Favor insulin-friendly foods (see Dr. Ali’s Insulin Course)
  7. Pray for others, then for yourself


Suggested Additional Readings

Dr. Ali’s Liver Course



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