ECT EBR Series – Two Images for Depression

Majid Ali, M.D.

I offer the ECT EBR Series of articles for people who suffer from severe depression which does not respond to multiple drug regimens. ECT is short for electroconvulsive therapy. ERB is short for energetic brain rejuvenation. In this short article, I present two simple images for making a crucial point   offer this series 


Two Images for Depression

  1. A Bleeding Body on a Battle Field 
  2. A Bleeding Cut In An Operating Room

The first image takes the mind to attempted killing.

The second image takes the mind to attempted healing.


ECT is widely considered to be the most effective treatment for severe depression that does not respond to multiple drug therapies. Unfortunately, countless people continue to endure insufferable suffering and many end their lives because the very word “convulsive” in the term ECT is very traumatic and dispiriting for people suffering from severe depression. Equally important,  many writers consider ECT a “controversy” in psychiatry. The image of a body bleeding on a battle field applies here for individuals who are not well-informed.  

The adverse effects of ECT include mental confusion, racing and conflicting thoughts, memory loss, headache, and jaw pain. These effects mostly are self-limiting and long-term persistence is uncommon in the hands of experienced physicians who use modern technology. The image of a bleeding scalpel wound in a modern operating room applies here.

Please read other articles in this ECT EBR Series for a detailed discussion of these issues.

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