Say No to Mind Fermentation

Majid Ali, M.D.

Stop Mind Fermentation

With Celebration and Acceptance

I recognize two root causes of all chronic diseases:

1. Mind Fermentation

2. Gut Fermentation

What Is Mind Fermentation?

I coined the term mind fermentation for the work of the Cortical Monkey who thrives to recycle past misery, and when that is not enough, it thrives on precycling feared, future misery. 

What Is Gut Fermentation?

Metabolism of yeast and other fermenting in the gut to produce alcohols and acids in large amounts.  

Celebrate Life, Moment by Moment,

Accept What and When something Stops It,

Begin Again,

and Celebrate Again, Moment by Moment. 

What Is Anxiety?

Not Knowing the Roots of One’s Suffering.

What Is Path Away From the Suffering of Anxiety?

Pray, Just Pray.

Breathe Out Slowly,

Speak softly,

Walk and Pray.

Pray, Just Pray.

Pray to the God of your learning.

Pray to the God of your understanding,

Pray to the God of your knowing.

Pursuit of Happiness

Is the Most Common Cause of Unhappiness.

Seven for Anxiety

1. Pray, Just Pray, to God of Your Knowing

2. Limbic Breathing With Slow Breathe-Outs

3. Insulin-Wise Eating

4. Brain Nutrients

5. Limbic Exercise (Non-competitive, Non-analytical)

6. Gentle Castor Rubs

7. Stretch, stretch, and stretch for fitness. Then do what you prefer.

For detailed information on all of the above, please consider my FREE courses entitled

Dr. Ali’s Anxiety Course and

Dr. Ali’s Depression Course.

Simply, enter the above words in your search engine to access these no-cost courses.


With Cells of the Soul

Oxygen Thinking

Oxygen’s Three-Legged Throne

Majid Ali, M.D.

King Oxygen Preserves Health and Reverses Chronic Disease by Governing Its Three  Executive Branches:k Acid-Alkali Balance

k Oxidant-Antioxidant Regulation

k Clotting-Unclotting Equilibrium (CUE)

Good Health Is Equilibrium

Dise-ease Is Threatened Equilibrium

Disease Is Absence of Equilibrium

Advanced Disease Is Impending Collapse

Is Restoration of Oxygen Equilibrium

The Sun-Soil Model of Healing

When the Hunter
Become the Hunted

Selected Links for Further Learning

k  Oxygen’ Three-Legged Throne

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