Anxiety – A Path of Freedom

Majid Ali, M.D.

Where Does One Find Freedom From Anxiety?

What Is Anxiety?

Not knowing Where the Suffering Comes From.

A Path to Freedom From Anxiety

Pray, Just Pray,

Breathe, Just Breathe Out Slow,

 Walk and Pray,

Walk and Breathe Out slow,

Walk and Just Be.


Walk With God of Your Senses,

Walk With God of Respect of Suffering,

Suffering of Anyone,

Suffering of Any Shape,

Suffering of Any Scale,

Walk With God of Your Knowing.


Power of Persistence

Words do have their power, but they often need time to work their miracles.

So for Anxiety and Depression, we need to persists.


For detailed information on these subjects,

please consider my no-cost

Dr. Ali’s Course on Anxiety

at this website.

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