Healing the D4 Way


The Divine DiVinci-Dalton-Darwin Way

Majid Ali, M.D.

The Higher Dimension of Healing Thoughts, Healing Words, and Healing Actions

The Brain Is A Potent Insulin Organ

Insulin receptors occupy several brain organs in a very high concentrations.

 Where Does Hate Come From?

To Hate Someone, One Must First Hate Oneself.

Ridding Oneself of One’s Anger

Ridding Oneself of One’s Inflammations

Ridding Oneself of One’s Infections.



Words Fanning Each Other’s Fires

How Do Words Play Upon Each Other?

By recruiting brain cells to fire upon each other,

as they would be expected to.

What Do Hawaiin Autistic Crickets Teach Us About Diabetes?

Evolution Under Our Noses

How Did 50.1% Chinese Become Diabetic and Prediabetic?

To Reverse One’s Diabetes, One Must First grow One’s Own Guru

One cannot hate anyone without hating self.

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