Yeast Cells in Circulating Blood

Majid Ali, M.D.

Fungemia and AA Oxidopathy Phase-Contrast and Darkfield Views

Figure 23 (top) shows clusters of round-to-ovoid white fungal bodies that contrast with dark erythrocytes in a high-resolution (15,000X) phase-contrast photomicrograph. Figure 24 (bottom) shows the same microscopic field in darkfield. Note that unlike erythrocyte lipid membranes that reflect light, fungal membranes contain disaccharides that absorb light and do not appear as bright as red cell membranes.

Immunostaining of Candida Organisms
in Peripheral Smears

Figure 25 (top) and figure 26 (bottom) show unstained and immunostained Candida organisms in phase-contrast and darkfield fields. In this procedure, human anti-candida IgG antibodies labeled with horseradish peroxidase were used to specifically stain Candida organisms. For procedural details and antibody specificity characteristics, see references #230 through 233.

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